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Rising Temps & Falling Rates!


Sweet, sweet Summertime! 100+ degrees here in Alabama.  That's hot y'all!  You know, the kind of hot that makes everybody wear clothes that they really shouldn't wear in public?  (I think that's where they get a lot of the material for those Walmart videos.) Yep, that hot!

My grandsons are playing AllStar baseball.  Is it just me or does it always seem hotter at the ball field than anywhere else?  The boys have had a game most every night while playing in these tournaments. Of course we wouldn't miss it for the world, no matter how hot it gets.  They won their Sub-District Tournament (undefeated) and had to win both games in a double header in this triple digit heat to win the District Tournament! What an effort!!  They won 19-0 in the first game and 9-6 in the second.  (yes, we're proud, obnoxious grandparents.)  

They have their hearts set on this trip to Enterprise, Alabama for the State Tournament next weekend so I'm certain we will be trading a much needed beach vacation to relax for a wild trip to the ball park!!  Oh well, that's what grandkids are for right?  We wouldn't have it any other way.  :)

Things are definitely heating up in the real estate world as well.  Another drop in interest rates to a historical low is making things quite interesting.  If you are thinking of buying, selling or simply re-financing, don't think too long!  The election will most certainly make a difference so don't miss your chance to get what's almost like free money.  With 30 year, fixed rate mortgages as low as 3.25%, what on earth could you be waiting for?  Of course these rates may vary depending on your credit scores, down payment, etc., but there are some great options out there.  There's never been a better time for first time buyers all the way up to luxury buyers to invest in real estate.

In the Shoals, we are seeing a significant increase in home sales and that's good news for us all.  

For buyers, loans can be tough but that just means it's important to have all your ducks in a row. Money is available, know your options and take advantage of the best available loan program for your situation. I can help you with this, just ask.  

For sellers, there are plenty of over-priced, under-cared for properties on the market already. Sell yours by making it stand out!  Price it properly to begin with. Show pride of ownership and that it has been well maintained.  Keep it spit shined for showing opportunities.  A clean, cool, sweet smelling home invites a buyer to come in, sit down and imagine their family having dinner and watching a movie in the family room.  A stale, untidy home hurries the buyer outside before they have the opportunity to consider their family living there.

Hope your summer is filled with lots of fun activities with those you love. Remember to tell others how important they are to you, life is fragile and none of us are promised tomorrow.  

Below is a quick and cool recipe for taking to church or family get togethers in the summer.  You know, when you want something pretty and that taste good but you don't want to turn on the oven!!  

Have a blessed week and stay cool,




Mandarin Orange Pie

2 graham crusts

1/2 c lemon juice

1 -8 oz container cool whip

20 ounce can crushed pineapple, drained

15 ounce mandarin oranges, drained

14 ounce sweetened condensed milk

Mix together whipped topping, sweetened condensed milk, and lemon juice until smooth and creamy. Stir in drained fruit. Fill crusts and freeze. Remove from freezer approximately ten minutes or so before serving.   Enjoy!!



Spring has sprung!

Can you believe this beautiful weather?  It's a great way to brighten up the days...and even the nights....with gorgeous sunshine, pretty pastel colors cropping up all around and temperatures that invite us to stay outside all day long!  It's awesome for the most part.  But of course, there is the not so awesome part.     
Itchy nose, watering eyes, scratchy throat, nagging head...UGH!  If only I could figure out how to avoid that part while spending every possible moment outside.  

While discussing this dilemma with a friend, I realized a few things.  First, I've heard that eating honey that is produced in one's local community, somehow helps our bodies fight off the allergens that cause so much discomfort.  Though I love honey on my hot buttered biscuit, I've never used it for much else besides an occasional marinade or glaze.  My friend and I were discussing that our grandparents used it to sweeten their coffee, in oatmeal, on their biscuit, making tea cakes and many more everyday foods.  Of course it's also a part of the old fashioned cold remedy they grew up on, too!  My friend stated his grandparents lived to be in their 90's.  I got to thinking about my grandparents especially my grandmothers.  I know my Mama Stults always had honey.  She almost lived to be 100.  My Grandmommy will be 89 in April and when she went to assisted living, she hid her honey in her night stand to keep the other residents from getting it.  :))  She's that protective of her honey!  

Just maybe there really is something to this honey.  I think I'm going to first find a local bee keeper and then figure out how I can add a spoonful of honey into my diet each day without eating the biscuit.  My waistline just can't take them both.   I'll let you know if I can tell a difference.  Meanwhile, let me know how you are handling this allergy season.   I hope to avoid the steroid shots because again, the waistline!  And I just realized, this mild winter and early spring will probably mean a bumper crop of poison oak/ivy too!  That's another allergy I could definitely do without. [sigh]  

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Did you??


Did you?

Exercise your right?

I know you had to have received some of the 132,795,840+ recorded calls in the past few days and even weeks so I hope you exercised your right to vote for the candidate you feel will best represent your interests.  Or at the very least, the best available candidate which is the category I fell into for some positions.  

It seems I've been here a lot in the past few years.  Not certain that the person who got my vote is who I really want to be doing the job but when you have no better options, you just close your eyes and take a stab.  right?  Ugh!  I hate this feeling but then again, who in their right mind would be willing to have their whole life splattered across the tvs and newspapers for the whole world to see every little lapse in common sense?  You almost have to be crazy.....and gutsy.... to run for any political position on most any level.  This may be the reason we have such a small pool to choose from.  Those who would do the job well are too smart to relive their mistakes through the press.  I think we're in for a few more difficult years no matter who wins.

I vote for lower gas prices, more jobs, better schools and stiffer penal systems!  Let the inmates work on the  chain gang and pay their own way.  Make parents responsible for the children's discipline and let teachers teach!  And for heaven sake's lets drill at home!!

Ok, enough already.  Interest rates are still great, hovering under 4% for a fixed rate, 30 year mortgage.  So what are you waiting for?  Now is a great time to buy which makes it a great time for sellers, too!  Let's get you packing.  Remember
home is where your story begins!
For all of your real estate needs in Florence, Killen, Rogersville, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield,&Tuscumbia, AL.  Also serving Wayne & Lawrence Counties in Tennessee.  

Great deals on beautiful waterfront homes and lots on Wilson, Wheeler & Pickwick Lake on the gorgeous Tennessee River!  

TGIF ....part II

Anyway, enough about that.  I'm sure you'll hear more from me on this issue in the months to come.  If you want to help get this tax passed or at least some additional tax, write your legislature and ask for their support when it comes up for vote.  If they tell you they don't want to raise taxes, remind them that this is a voluntary tax!!  That's right.  No one makes anyone buy cigarettes.  It's a choice!  Don't buy, don't pay.  It's that simple.  By the way, for every so much in tax increase, (I forgot the exact number and don't want to discredit) the rate of children who smoke drops by 7%.  So if we raise cigarette taxes enough, we might put an end to our children smoking?  Wouldn't that be awesome???

This morning, I spoke to a cancer support group here in Florence.  For the first time ever, I shared my story without crying.  That was a milestone.  One I'm quite proud to finally accomplish.  I hope that by sharing my story, I can help others to better cope with their journey.  Sharing is good therapy for us all.  By His stripes we are healed. 

Enough already.  Have a great weekend, practice random acts of kindness and smile; it's contagious!

**Oh, one more thing....tomorrow, Saturday, March 10th from 11:00 to 3:00, join the Kudzu Queens and more of us at Regency Square Mall.  All four mayors from Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia have proclaimed this day Cancer Awareness Day in the Shoals.   We will have some fun stuff going on so please come out and be a part of that.  You can eat at Chic-fil-a and ask them to donate a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.  We will finish off the day at FloBama in downtown Florence with a band, good food and fun. A portion of those proceeds will also be donated to this great cause.  Thanks for your support! for all of your real estate needs.  




HaHa!  Not sure why I would care what day of the week it is, Realtors certainly don't have weekends off but oh well, it sounds cliche anyway, right?  :)  

I've had a wild and crazy week but you know, I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished.  It's getting to be that time of year for real estate so I've been showing and consulting with sellers, too.  I've learned quite a bit this week and I think I've inspired a little and been inspired a lot!

Wednesday, I visited our state capital along with some friends from the American Cancer Society. It was a long, packed full day but well worth it. I learned a great deal about the politicians that represent our area.  I didn't get to talk to my State Representative Greg Burdine nor Senator Tammy Irons but that's ok, I know them both personally and will get them at home. :0)

I did, however, get to talk with my friend Marcel Black from Colbert County. He is always so gracious to share what's going on in Montgomery with us.  I really think he has his constituents' best interest in mind.

I also had a really good conversation with Lynn Greer.  This was my first time to talk in depth with him as he doesn't represent me and I've not had any dealings with him otherwise.  I think he's a fairly logical man and maybe he was listening to what we had to say.  At least he made us think so.  Though it wasn't on our agenda, I did get to throw a plug in about the proposed new Walmart, too.  I think he might even share in my thinking about the stupidity of that move.

We ran into Senator Roger Bedford in the hallway and he took us out on the Senate floor and gave us the low down on how things work.  He shared some comical stories of how things don't work, too.  Partisan politics are my new found amazement.  Not sure why it took this long to get my attention but suddenly I am so frustrated with our government.  Perhaps it's because it used to work and no longer does on the state OR national level.  Who cares whether there is a D or an R beside your name!  This isn't about your great works, it's about taking care of the people!!!!......Ok, rant over.  

We then visited with Johnny Mack Morrow.  (There were several from Franklin County in our group, too).  Now I must say, he's a character.  Holds nothing back, tells it like it is.  Maybe a little rough around the edges but you know, I think I like that.  He didn't try to talk over our heads or try to make himself look good. He did tell us that the partisan stuff is killing productivity but I won't rant again, I'll just say I bet everybody knows what's he's thinking.  

The purpose of our trip was to ask for support of a new cigarette tax.  We are asking for an additional $1 per pack.  I know some of you think we are crazy and you might be right but you don't get anything if you never ask.  $1 per pack of cigarettes would bring $214 billion in revenue to our state.  That's unless it makes some folks stop smoking and kept others from ever taking up the habit (including our children).  In that case, revenue wouldn't be as much but wait, neither would our loss of productivity.  I won't bore you with all the stats but they really are unbelievable when you see just how much we are spending to manage health issues related to smoking.  Many smokers have no health insurance but of course, we as a state must provide care when they become ill.  A life is a treasure no matter how it's lived.  Did you know that 20% of our (Alabama) high school kids admit to being a smoker?  Not just that they've tried it but that they continue to smoke.  That's probably why about 22% of our adults smoke.  It's an addiction that isn't easy to overcome.  Believe me, I know!

This blog continued as I've exceeded the maximum characters!  Imagine being just a little long winded! for all of your real estate needs.  

Alabama storms.....again


Alabama storms....again.

Praying that our neighbors in Athens and Madison recover from the damage and injuries suffered today in the midst of yet another wave of tornados.  We had just a few reports of property damage in the Shoals Area but nothing compared to our neighbors just east of us.  The forecasters say we have one more small wave of storms on it's way and then we should be all clear. 

Seems rather sad that the storms took the same path as some of the storms of April 27, 2011.  We heard that a few of the homes that have just been rebuilt after being destroyed in last year's storms received major damage again today.  I know those folks hearts have to be shattered.  My thoughts and prayers will be with all of those affected.

On a good note, many elementary children celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday today.  I'm sure there were giggles and laughter heard throughout many classrooms across the country.  Wouldn't it be great if we could all have green eggs and ham a little more often? Or wear a big hat and make silly rhymes?  Each of us are still kids at heart.  Our bodies get old but our emotions don't.  Take time to do something fun today or this weekend.  Spend time with a child on their level.  It will definitely brighten your day! 

Hope you have a great weekend!!  
Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. 
 Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!
For all of your real estate needs in Florence, Muscle Shoals, Killen, Tuscumbia and surrounding areas.

Sweet Memory!


Sweet memory!

Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

Whether it was original or not remains unknown but I first heard (and was reminded over and over) of this phrase by an employer, a friend, a wise and successful mentor, Marigail Mathis.

When this phrase came to mind today, I instantly thought of her gentle spirit; strong and courageous, adventurous and determined, yet mild mannered and kind.  Well, at least unless you pushed her buttons too hard at which point you might get a little glimpse of the fire that fueled her adventurism.  [[Smile]]

What a blessing she was to me.  Her encouragement and subtle criticism motivated me like no one else could.  She dug out the determination in me and planted courage that I didn't even know I had.  It would be years later before I discovered how to apply the confidence and attitude that she inspired and made me who I am today. 

We shared a difficult journey with an unknown course.  We arrived at different destinations.  Even so, her strength and grace are still inspiring me with gentle reminders like today.   

Do something for others.

Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

And thanks for the memories, Marigail.




WoW!  Time gets away so fast.  It's almost March and I haven't posted since November!!  

I'm in a Continuing Ed class today and the title is....drumroll please.... Blogging!  I think I have a new title.  Blogger Failure.  :(  Ok, I'm going to do better....i think i can, i think i can, I will!

Can't miss too much in the class so it will be a short post.  :)  Interest rates are GREAT!  If you're thinking of buying it's a great time.  If you're thinking of selling, it's a great time for that too.  Buyers get good interest rates so sellers get buyers who get good interest rates!  

I have several great listings I would love to show you.  Check any of them out at or  

Have a great day!!

A Chill is in th Air!

Goodness!  Obviously, I've been slacking when it comes to this blogging stuff.  Oh well, at least I haven't been slacking with selling real estate or having fun with my family!  :)  

This year has been pretty awesome.  The birth of our first granddaughter in July has us all pretty happy.  Selah Grace made a grand entrance a month early which really had me scrambling for a flight out of Muscle Shoals to Los Angeles, CA.  I made it though and so did her Daddy (my middle son Cory), who happened to be in Birmingham for business.  Needless to say, we found a whole new meaning to "jumping planes".  She's a beautiful little girl and we are tickled PINK that they moved a little closer as they are now at home in Chicago.

Back in Florence, our twin grandsons still keep us busy when we aren't working.  Speaking of work, I know you want to know, how's the market?   Believe it or not, it's good!  Seriously, rates have kept buyers looking and sellers too.  What a better time to upsize, downsize or move across town than when things are suppose to be bad?  With most 30 year fixed rates hovering around 3.75%, it's basically free money.  

So then you want to know about getting loans and all the mortgage crunch you've heard about, right?  Well let me just say there is plenty of money out there to be had.  If you've paid your bills responsibly, your employment has remained stable and you aren't up to your eyeballs in debt, you won't have a problem getting a loan.  100% financing with no skin in the game isn't quite as easy as it once was but you know, it shouldn't be.  If you can't afford to buy, you really shouldn't. VA loans and USDA Rural Development loans are still 100% but they have some guarantee fees and guidelines that must be met.  If you don't qualify for either of those, FHA loans only require 3.5% down.  Even an uh-oh or two on your credit report can be explained to qualify for an FHA loan in many situations.  

So now what are you waiting for?  Surf my site and all the listings available in your price range and location and let me know how I can help you.  Give me a call, text or email me at your convenience.  I'll help you get pre-approved for financing so you know up front what works best for you.

That's all I've got for now.  I am going to work harder at updating this site more often though, I promise.  Until next time, live, laugh and love!

God Bless,
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